About Us

About Us

Duwon Electric was founded in 1966 by Mr. Chit Tin as a manufacturer of electrical and electronic products. This family business has grown over 50 years and become a leading brand for our products including voltage regulators, inverters, electric stoves, etc.


Company Profile

Company Name:    Duwon Electric Company Limited

Line of Business:    Manufacturing of Electrical Products

Founder (1966):    Mr. Chit Tin

MD & CEO:    Mr. Aung Kyi Sein

Employees:    100

Main Products:    Voltage Regulators, Inverters, & Electric Stoves

At Duwon, we care about:


Research & Development

We are always innovating and looking for ways to improve our products as well as introduce new ones that we believe would be great for our customers.


Quality Assurance

Every unit that comes off the production line goes through our quality control team which inspects it to ensure only the highest quality.


Customer Satisfaction

We want to make sure our customers are happy by delivering the best products and providing services such as 5-year warranty with free repairs.

Inside our factory:

Meetings with foreign businessmen:

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